Helen Sproat

Providing a confidential and non-judgemental space to offer talking therapy to people dealing with issues affecting their lives, mental health and general wellbeing.

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Choosing a therapist can be difficult so it's helpful to get a feel for the approach, training and background of a therapist before you meet.

My approach is phenomenological meaning therapy is individual to each person taking into account the specific needs and difficulties they are experiencing, without thinking using labels and diagnosis. My work prioritises the therapeutic relationship whilst my practice is influenced by psychoanalytic, existential and postmodern thought.  This type of integrative psychotherapy allows different approaches to be called upon as appropriate for the individual and their circumstances. 

Short-term work may be the right approach if you are in a position of crisis or you are looking for assistance in a period of distress. This is sometimes suitable for the situation or at other times leads onto medium or long-term work. Medium or long-term work can be more explorative to help understand your life, relationships and the repeat patterns we find ourselves in.

Having started my own therapeutic journey as a client, my belief is that psychotherapy can establish a unique relationship that may support a persons abilities to free themselves up from current and past life experiences. This may help someone to understand more about themselves and become clearer about their desires and how to meet them. 

After qualifying in the UK, I now provide counselling & psychotherapy for English speakers in Lisbon, Portugal.



I worked for three years as a therapist at the mental health charity MIND as part of my training before establishing a private practice.

I am also trained to practice using the Open Dialogue approach which allows me to work collaboratively with people and their families dealing with 'psychosis'.


Advanced Practitioner Program in Existential Analytic Psychotherapy
University of Roehampton

Open Dialogue Foundation Training
Open Dialogue UK

MSc Psychotherapy & Counselling
University of Roehampton

Foundation Degree in Existential Psychotherapy
Regents College

Counselling Skills
City Literature Institute



The charge for a 50-minute therapy session is €60 and takes place weekly at a set time agreed by us both.

I endeavour to keep low cost therapy places available for those on low incomes and this can be discussed should you feel you qualify.


If you feel you may need talking therapy; either to see you through a time of difficulty or to tackle longer term problems please get in touch. 

+ 44 7843 247609



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Employee Assistance Programs

Providing organisations with counselling services, usually on a short term basis, to help employees cope with personal and professional difficulties that may adversely affect their performance at work as well as their mental health and well-being.

Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

Combining my psychotherapeutic training with a business management background and over ten years experience in e-commerce & digital marketing to provide consultancy to entrepreneurs, start-ups and young e-commerce businesses.